Weekly Journal#10

This week only had one class, however, I feel like I had more work to do. The only class I had on Tuesday, I provided a framework of my proposal. That post briefly talked about the format of my proposal. I mostly followed the textbook example, and I did some change because I don’t know how to perform tasks in my subject. My subject is to proposal students use visual studio. Instead, I changed the tasks into advantages/tools, and then I changed the experience into some other factors. I have no idea if those changes are right to do, but the two subjects are widely different, so I had to do some change.

I followed the construction I posted on Tuesday and worked on the proposal. I just finished my first draft, and it is not fun especially when I don’t feel like it is a proposal after I done. It is more like a memo plus technical description then plus a little bit proposal. I don’t know what that is. Hopefully I will get some new ideas for the next few class.

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