Weekly journal#8

I was pretty busy moving my house, and I had to study for some upcoming tests, so I posted this journal late. The nice thing is that the professor decided to push back the class for one day, so that we could all catch up a little bit. I used that day to finish my lab report. I think my format is really close to a lab report format. The only thing I didn’t do well is the resource researching. I had trouble on that one because the topic of my lab report is really new — about “COVID 19”. Even though there are many news and data about my topic, but there aren’t many scholarly resource which I can use.

On Thursday, we decided our topic of our proposal assignment. I decided to write about using visual studio to learn how to code. I had my own experience of using VS to code, and I think it is a decent tool. However, I saw many of my classmates in my CS class were not taking advantage of it, so I think this can be a very good topic which I can write about. I will follow the textbook format again to divide the proposal into different parts plus some tasks. But I may still change my topic if I have some better ideas.

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