Weekly journal#1

Hi, I would like to first introduce myself in the week#1 journal. I am Xiaohu Zheng. I major in CS. I like to code and want to create good apps and games in the future. I like playing video games, especially team game. I am very concentrated when I study and play games, and so that I have bad health because I never take care of my body.

I am in an engineering writing class now, which is the main reason I am writing this. For the first week, I have learned the eight main elements of an article, and they are Author, Audience, Purpose, Stance, Tone, Language, Genre, and Medium. I think the audience, purpose and language are the most important three. The purpose is important because we need to know why we are writing something, otherwise everything will just be so meaningless. The audience will decide our purpose and the language using. The language is one of the main factors that decide if the audience will keep reading through.

This is a writing class, but we are more learning to be a good communicator. Most of us think what we learn in our major is the most important, but communication skills are important too, even more important. You really need to know how to express our thoughts, that way we all can understand each other and can perform team work. And so that we will work more efficiently. Especially if we need to work on a big project, we will need to be clear what to do first, and that comes to communication. The small tools like text color, subtitle in a video and using images can help us to convey our thoughts better.

That is pretty much about my first week in this class. Thanks for reading, and I hope you all will have a good weekend. BTW, carpal tunnel hurts, remember to rest your hands :3

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