Weekly journal#5

I decided to post the journal today because I kept forgetting that I need to post on the weekend. For this week, I have written an email to the professor, and that marked the end of the group assignment. I honestly reported how everyone was doing in the email. I realized I could’ve done a lot of better as a topic supervisor. I should not just made the schedule, and I also should’ve made a writing sheet to assign each one a piece of writing in this memo. So that we wouldn’t have someone to not do his/her job.

And for today, I discussed about the plan of doing research with my peers. Many my classmates agree that analyzing the purpose, audience and the subject are the most important steps we need to do before we conduct research. The reason I gave is that we can narrow the research range, so that we can save more time. And one of my classmates said that this way we will not find the information we don’t need, which is very efficient. And the other one thinks that if one article can restate our subject, then it is a useful supporting source. And the last point is that we can use google or wikipedia to generally learn the subject first, so that it is much easier to do the research later on.

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