Weekly journal#4

I had a little break this week because there was no class on the 13th, however, I had two midterms in that week, so I was still kind of busy.

Updating to the group assignment. We had a discussion on reflecting on how we did on the memo. This was not to discuss about how well we did, or what we did so far. This discussion is more about which part of the memo we can improve. First, we all agreed that we need to change our audience/reader to MTA, but not the professor. And then we realized that we need a citation page, it was off on the first draft. All of my team members agreed that we need to work on the solutions more. The solutions on the first draft was too short. Headings were needed to be changed too, I suggested that we should add a heading to each segment of discussions, so this could make the discussion more clear. We edited the first draft accordingly to the points above.

All my team members are very engaged in this assignment. We followed the schedule I made, and we had all the meetings and discussions we need. It is a well done by our team!

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