Weekly journal#9

It was another busy week. Last week I have decided my topic and found one source which I will use for my topic. On Tuesday, I needed to refine my topic with 3 useful tools (debugging, separating files and auto-completing) of Visual studio that I will talk about in the proposal. They are unique because if students code with text editors, they won’t have these tools to help them code better. Considering most CS students are new to programing language, they need a tool that is easy to use.

On Thursday, I provided some more details about how it will affect CS students. I found the source in the website of university of South Florida, and their description of this software will strongly support my topic. They described it as: “Write code as fewer errors”, “Learn more about your code”, “Quick find and Fix your bugs” and “Work efficiently”. I will provide some more details about how it will help coding.

I like how the way we are approaching with forum. First day I needed to think about a general topic. Then every following class I was asked to provide some more details. So that now I am really prepared to write my proposal.

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