Weekly journal#7

This week we mainly focused on our lab report. I handed in the first draft on Tuesday. The draft sticked with the format the book shows. It has a title, but I personally think the title could be improved, my peer also said that when we were doing peer review on Thursday. My draft didn’t have a cover page, and I am thinking about to have to because one of my classmates used it, and it looks good on a lab report. You can either use a picture or just a title, so people can know your subject directly. The abstract concluded each paragraph’s main point, and the introduction went more specific about my subject. For the method used, I divided 3 groups to compare the statistic, then I discuss the result in the discussion. Overall I think I am on the right track, but the draft can still be improved.

Like what my peer said, I can have a better title which is more related to this topic, and there are a lot of grammar mistakes. Also, there is one small segment of discussion in the introduction is not too related to my topic, I might need to change that as well.

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