Lab Report

Goal: Students are able to write a professional lab report contains: Abstract, Introduction, Methods/Procedures, Results, Discussion and Conclusion.

Where to Begin, before you begin:

I usually started by analyzing my subject/topic first. As well as analyzing the audience and the purpose. This will determined the range on which I will perform the research. What I already know about my subject, what information I need to search for the subject. If I am writing an essay about sleeping enough is important, then I will research the benefit we get when we sleep enough. If the audience is the teenager group, then I will narrow the range to the benefit for teenagers when they sleep enough, or what’s the bad effects when they don’t sleep enough, such as can’t focus on class. This way is efficient because I am searching with a range. If you are looking for some information in a book, you will want to know which chapter the information is belong to, rather than read the whole book then find it.

The most difficult part is how to find the reliable source. Often the scholarly sources are more reliable than news and information from website. And that is how I identify if the source will be persuasive. In the book, the most important things will be analyzing the subject, audience and purpose as I mentioned because they will determine the range you are searching on.