Title and Abstract


1.Cooperation and understanding is the best way for ending COVID-19 quarantine.

2.What are the reasons that we are still in quarantine after 7 months?


I always wonder a question in the past few months — why the numbers of  COVID-19 cases are still increasing when we are locked at home for 7 months already. I have found out that there are still people who don’t wear masks when they go out, and people seemed to ignore the fact that it is a serious virus. The president cares the economic growth more than lives. With all these facts, I have concluded a solution to this matter which need all of us to cooperate.


I think the author gave a very good example of how to write your titles. It should be more specific and includes some of the key words which people are searching the most.

Lab Progress:

I just finished my first draft. I have an outline of the lab report, and it includes all the segments we need to have in our report. I have a title which can represent the issue which I am researching on. Then I have an abstract that stated the purpose of this lab, and the approach, as well as the result. For introduction, I went more specific about what the issue is and introduced the topic. At the end of the introduction, I stated the purpose of this lab report. For the methods, I also made 3 groups to compare the result like the sample at page 528. I talked about how will I compare the result, and different result will generate different conclusion. For result part, I have text data which explains what is in the graph, but I did not analyze the date, I am just simply stating some facts. And then I added some images as for proof. I don’t have a title for my images yet, but I will make sure to add that in the final draft. I did some analysis in the discussion, and then I discussed some of the disadvantage of the used methods. The conclusion is just a summary of two important points and some recommendations.

Nur Mohammad Mazumder : I like your title because it questions the current situation in America. In other countries, they have been able to get rid of covid and have been able to go back to normal, however, in America, we are still plagued by the corona-virus . I think there are various factors that led to the current situation from lack of material such as masks to false political agenda.