Mechanism: Vertical mouse.

Purpose: Telling people the advantages of having a vertical mouse, and to persuade them to buy one.

Audience: People who use computers, especially those whose hand got injured before.


        • (Brief)Describe what is a vertical mouse.
        • Who should to use a vertical mouse?


     Functions(What does it have):

        • shape — What kind of shape it looks like. (Image)
        • Next page and previous page button
        • DPI switch button
        • scroll wheel
        • Left and right button

     Comparison with standard mouse:

        • Different pressure to median nerve
        • Looking
        • Functionalities


      Better looking. More comfortable. Better for health. Buy one for wrist.

Sefat E Monzor :

Hi Xiaohu,

Your outline is very detailed and organized. The transition of each topic is very good. The order is actually in what a reader wants to know while they are reading. Also, I was having some difficulties too at the beginning of the assignment but I think now I know what to do. I am glad that you figured it out too!