Memo(Group Assignment)

Goal: Finding a problem in the city, and then discussing the problem. Providing a solution to the problem.

Check sheet:

Topic: The subject of this memo is the issue of the NYC Subway system. We are going to talk about what issues the subway system has, like abandoned stations, bad environment, delay, etc… And then we are going to give some suggestions about how to solve them. The purpose is to let people notice these issues and help to make the subway system better.

Roles: Topic supervisor: Xiaohu Zheng

            Research director: Michael Cortez

            Submission manager: Nur Mahmmad Mazumder

Subject title: The issue of NYC subway system

Readers: All New Yorkers

Team members: Michael Cortez, Nur Mohammad Mazumder, Xiaohu Zheng

Milestones Descriptions Responsible Members Dates  
Get sources ready Researching for two sources. Michael Oct 8
Confirming the sources(Meeting 1) Team members discuss if the two sources are appropriate.(In discord) All Oct 8
First draft ready Submission manager will use the two sources above to write the first draft. Nur Oct 10
Proofread(Meeting 2) The first draft proofread by all members.(In discord) All Oct 10
Submission Submit the first draft by the end of the day. Nur Oct 10
Meeting 3 In this meeting we will discuss about the revision of the draft. How to make it better.(In discord) After we get feedback. The date could be changed. All  Oct 14
Final draft Submission manager will have the final draft ready at the end of the day Nur Oct 18
Proofread(Meeting 4) All members will proofread the final draft and give opinions. All Oct 18
Submission Submit the final draft before Oct 20th Nur Oct 20

Note:   For research director: Please remember that the two sources must be One scholarly source and one news/popular media source. 

For submission director: You can stick with the sample form the book has. Page 373 – 373. (Not an essay)

Progress Updates:

As the Topic supervisor, I have already provided a check sheet in the last threat. Today we will be deciding which sources we should use, and we can choose 2 from research director, or even more.

For the direction: Based on the researches from Cortez, I think we can be more specific. Before we decided to only talk about a general topic, which is the issue of NYC subway system, and that could be many things. But now, I think it is better that we only discuss about the signal of the subway system. The purpose is still to inform. How  is the signal a issue of the subway system? What is MTA doing now, and what will they do to fix it? How will it affect us? And what we can do to help it becomes better?

Based on the format from p374, I need to provide a summary for the submission manager. So that he can put my summary at the begging. The summary will be about the subject.

Summary: The NYC subway system has already been corrupted for many years. With the bad environments and the abandoned stations, New Yorkers are still using it because it is the major transportation. The main issue of the system is the delay, many people are late to work because of the delay of the trains. The signal is one of the main factors why the trains are experiencing delay. This memo will be mainly talking about the signal of NYC subway system, so that you guys will have a basic understanding of what’s going on in MTA.