Weekly journal#6

For the first class of this week, I have learned how to improve title and abstract. For titles, we need to be more specific rather than just having one or two words there. The text book gave two good examples to show us what is a weak title and what a strong title. We should include some of the key words where people are searching the most in our title. For abstract, I like the informative style better. What you have to do is to conclude one or two sentence for each paragraph. In this way, people can easily know if this article is useful for their research or not. I take advantage of this too when I was doing research, and that is why I personally like it.

And then on Thursday, I learned how to improve our paragraphs by writing one. First thing is that I should always include a heading, I keep forgetting that. A heading is very important for readers, so that they can decide to read this paragraph or not. Second is that we can start our heading by putting questions to grab attention. What I can’t forget is that we can turn our traditional paragraph into lists, which I think it would be very helpful in some situations. I suggested one of my classmates to do it because his paragraph have several sub points, which is good for using lists, so that readers can grab information faster.

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