Technical Description

Goal: This assignment expects students to write a professional and informative description of a mechanism.


Vertical mouse:

1. What is a vertical mouse?

i. A mouse that is a vertical shape.

ii. A mouse designed to reduce the wrist pressure.

 2. Who use it?

i.People who use computers.

ii. People whose hands got hurt by a normal mouse.

3. Why should you buy one? 

i. It can reduce the risk for hands injury.

ii. More comfortable.

iii. definitely a cool looking. iv. it does everything that a normal mouse

4. How it reduces the pain/pressure?

By different positioning your hands, so that it won’t create much pressure to the median nerve – A never on your the hand wrist. If it takes much pressure, your hands will feel numb or pain.

5. Where you can buy it?

i. Stores.

ii. Online stores.

Free writing:

A vertical mouse is a mouse with different shape. Unlike a normal mouse which lies on the table, a vertical mouse more like a mouse that stands on the table. A normal mouse will generates a lot of pressure to the hand wrist, so a vertical mouse is designed to reduce all those kind of pressure or pain. Who will need to use it? You may think a normal mouse is actually fine for using, but you are at a risk of getting your hands injured. Everyone who uses a computer should use a vertical mouse, especially for those whose hands were injured. By using a vertical mouse, instead of putting your hands horizontally, you will put your hands vertically. So that the position will not hurt your median nerve – A never on your the hand wrist. If it takes much pressure, your hands will feel numb or pain.

There are a few reasons you should buy a vertical mouse. The very first is that it can reduce  the risk for hands injury. The second is that a vertical mouse is more comfortable for your hands because it has less pressure to your wrist, so that your hands will feel less tired after hours of using mouse. The cool looking is definitely a reason you should buy it. Imagine that everyone’s mouse lies on the table, but yours stands there, it can tell how special you are. And of course, if you are worried about its functions, it can do all what a normal mouse can do. Both stores and online stores offer vertical mouse, buy one for your wrist!