Weekly journal#2

In this week, I had a short break that I don’t need to do anything else, and all I need to do is to finish the technical description assignment. I have read two of my peers draft, and I have learned from their problems and merits.

In Cristal’s draft, I can definitely see that my draft is a little too short, and that is because I didn’t describe my mechanism enough. If I can do what she did in her draft, my description will be a more detailed description. What I did good is that my page looks more clearly than hers, with all the colorful text I used, it is definitely more attractive, so that I should keep those formatting.

In Raynor’s draft, I can see that I didn’t fully describe my mechanism. Like I can tell my audience the price range. But more I learned that I should stick with the format, the format is extremely important, that we should really just focus on describing. For both Raynor and me, if we can focus more on the mechanism, the description would be much better.

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