Outline for technical proposal


Proposal for using visual studio for new programmers


The purpose of this proposal is to let new programmers to know the advantages visual studio has, and persuading them to use visual studio to help them code better.


With the development of new technologies, many people are required to learn how to code. After 3 months observation, I found many students in my CS class are not using visual studio to code. And even most of them are using text editors. This is simply not a good way to learn the programming language, and it wastes a huge amount of time. Thus, I want to introduce the advantages that visual studio has over other softwares.I propose every new programmers to download visual studio and use visual studio to code for the next few weeks. I would see how much time they will save when they need to do projects, and also I would collect the feedback of all these programmers. The cost of downloading visual studio for students is free, which is another reason we should try it out. (To be expanded)


(This is basically an expansion of the problem. And this introduction will summarize the advantages or useful tools will be introduced later)


Advantage 1: Providing a debugging tool, so you can quickly find your bugs.

Advantage 2: Separating files, visual studio will automatically separate the folders for you.

Advantage 3: Learning more while coding, you can easily click the error, and it will lead you to the explanation of the error, so you know why it is wrong.

Advantage 4: Saving more time, it has auto-complete and auto-adjust, programmers don’t need to spend more time to type spaces or close braces.


Ishmael Quansah: Hi I believe this proposal is directed ti students specifically those in the computer world. You provided great info that can be further expanded in the final work and also I like how you already jotted down the advantages of using visual studios. You could also compare to it other programs and talk about the pros and cons between the two. But overall what you got going is a good foundation.