Hi everyone! My name is xiaohu Zheng, and I major in computer science. I have dual sides. One side of me like to play games, especially league of legends. I enjoy playing it because this game has the most toxic players. I sometimes hate myself for playing this game, but I couldn’t stop it. The other side of me like to code, which is the reason that I chose this major. I am trying to self-study this major on my own, so that I rarely follow my instructors. Don’t worry about my grade, so far I am one of the best students in my coding class. Sometimes if I don’t need to study or don’t want to play games, then I will want to have some spicy food with my friends. I like to watch horror movies too, but then I get so scared at night every time after watching them. If we have the same hobbies, we can be friends and play some games!