Technical Proposal

Goal: Finding a need among the community, then using the techniques we learned in this course to provide a profession technical proposal — Writing a technical description for the object, then using memo to write the proposal.

Progress Report/Defining the topic:

I will stay with my topic, which is to suggest new programmers use visual studio. As I mentioned, many of my classmates are using stuffs like vim, sublime and other applications to code as a beginner. But those applications are still editors, they are not an IDE. Visual studio is an IDE — Integrated Development Environment, that it provides many other features like: Debugging — many of my classmates are posting some easy bugs which can easily be solved with visual studio. Auto-complete — it works really well that it will do the space for you, and it will close each of your open parenthesis, brace, so that you don’t miss any of those to have bugs. Separating files — separating files is a good way to make your code looks more clear, whenever you create a new project of C++, it automatically creates some separated files for headers, sources and main file. You will see more of those useful tools in my engineering proposal.

Topic Proposal:

After years of development, visual studio has become one of the best IDEs for coding.  Considering myself is not an experienced  programmer, so I have decided to narrow the range of my audience to just new programmers(students). Using visual studio to code as a new programmer is extremely important. As I mentioned last time, it provides many tools to make your coding experience better. As a student, a new programmer, you may learn faster with visual studio and can save more time. I will talk about more tools and features  in the first draft. Another thing I want to mention here is that the cost of visual studio is free for students. The website of university of South Florida describes visual studio as: “write code as fewer errors”, “learn more about your code”, “quick find and fix your bugs” and “work efficiently”.  By using visual studio, the speed of learning how to code is doubled. It tracks your code when your are coding, so it gives error message once it finds a bug. That way you can fix your bug while coding. If you write the entire file first then debug after, it will cost a huge amount of time for you to fix the bug because you don’t know where it is. For these experienced programmers, they may not find a huge difference between visual studio and other IDEs. But for all of us, as students, visual studio is a helpful tool in many ways. There is a need of using it to code if you want to learn faster.